Flying Filing Squad

We love filing (so you don't have to)

Past Squad Members
  • Piers Bowman ~ An architect in training when he worked for the Squad.
  • Ashley Bryers ~ "From the moment we dismantle a box or shelf of files we are working with chaos. Nothing will make sense for our client until we have brought a new order, list and description. The Flying Filing Squad commit themselves from start to finish, sharing the inevitable hard tasks and work load."
  • Mary Cresswell ~ A technical editor, now writing (and publishing) poetry.
  • Zahn Droessaerts ~ Now working in Australia.
  • Rebecca Fordyce ~ Has a degree in Information Management and now chooses to be an artist.
  • Noela Gibbons ~ Grants Manager, Lion Foundation.
    "I was between jobs when I had the option to do some casual work for the FFS and complete a job for them that made good use of some specific knowledge I had. It was such a good team to be involved with that I accepted other contracts until moving away to a permanent job in another city. The special combination of skills & service that Helen sources and provides for her customers is quite unique. I've not encountered it anywhere else."
  • Evie Gray ~ Records advisor, State Services Commission.
  • Julia Harris ~ Principal Advisor, Documents and Records, Department of Labour. Julia did a few months with the Squad working on developing job descriptions for a client.
  • Eric Hancox ~ Night Manager, Surfers Paradise Back Packers, Gold Coast, Australia.
    "Working with the Squad (it is my Mother's company) was a wonderful opportunity to learn about sound administrative systems that help me in every job I go to. In particular when I was the security supervisor for the Q1 Body Corporate (the tallest residential building in the southern hemisphere) I utilised the common sense approach to recording the work we did. I have also learned cunning and creative ways to use an excel spreadsheet which had not been taught in other environments."
  • Rod Henden ~ Now working at MAF.
    “I first worked with Helen in 1984 when we were both employed at the Department of Maori Affairs. I have had some great assignments with the Squad.”
  • Jennie Henton ~ City Archivist, Hutt City Council.
    “You have provided a lot of work for us archivists!”
  • Fred Keating ~ Information Services Advisor, Civil Aviation Authority.
    "I would recommend the Flying Filing Squad work to anyone looking to manage their workload or gain a lot of useful and varied experience."
  • Maren Lawrence ~ Office of the Ombudsman, Receptionist/typist.
    "I enjoyed working for the Squad on assignment at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade."
  • Gillian Ratcliffe ~ Retired from the Land Transport Agency and spent time working for the Squad while easing into retirement.
  • Ethel Taylor ~ Studied for her records management qualification through the Open Polytechnic and is now at Ministry of Information and Science.
  • Darcy Tomlinson ~ Now Senior Records Advisor at the State Services Commission.
  • Shannon Tomlinson ~ Previously Records Administrator/Acting Records Manager for the Parliamentary Counsel Office
    "The practical experience that I acquired while working for the Flying Filing Squad allowed me the ability to realistically put into practice the theoretical knowledge I gained through my diploma of Records and Information Management (from the Open Polytechnic of NZ). During my time at the FFS I was involved with projects relating to all aspects of records management, and I am so grateful for my time with the company as I would never have gained such a wide range of records and information experience in the same time frame working anywhere else!"
  • Graeme Thompson ~ Records Management Specialist, Tauranga City Council.
    “I am still grateful that I worked for the Flying Filing Squad back in 2000, because it was a solid and useful experience in hands-on retention and disposal listing and re-boxing. Later, when I was a Records Manager at the Parliamentary Counsel Office, one of the deciding factors in hiring someone for the Records Administrator position was that they had worked for the Flying Filing Squad as a Project Manager. I am still proud to say that I worked for the FFS!“